Imagine this…

You’re at work, in an important meeting with your boss. You want to come across as cool, calm and collected. But right at the worst possible moment, you feel that dreaded heat starting somewhere in your middle and rising rapidly towards your face.

You turn red, as though you’re embarrassed and then … wait for it … so much sweat pours off your face that it feels like Niagara Falls.

And you feel like you’ve lost control of the situation, because your boss looks like they’re thinking that you’re upset.

But you’re not upset … you’re just having another dang hot flash!

Sound like you?

Hot flashes while working affect lots and lots of women.

Some of us experience mild to moderate symptoms, but for some, hot flashes are a debilitating part of menopause.

We’ve been looking at how menopause can impact our lives and what we’ve discovered is that it’s not pretty.

Here’s what it’s like for some of the women we’ve talked to ….

“I feel hot all the time and my hair is always wet where I sweat. I’ve tried various things to calm the hot flushes but nothing seems to work. I’ve not taking anything for the menopause as I prefer to let nature take its course. But the worse thing for me is the hot flushes. It is worse in the summer because my body always feel clammy and sticky. As soon as I take a shower and dry off I start to sweat and my clothes are damp. And my head feels hot with the heat which makes my hair wet. Then when I cool down, I eventually get a cold because I’m hot sweaty and then going out in the cold. I’m frustrated and fed up.”


“My biggest issue with the menopause, is the sweats I really cannot handle this. I can’t get any HRT as I have had blood clots, I have tried different over the counter drugs but I can’t get anything to even take the edge off. Also I’m not going out because of the sweating as it ruins my hair and makeup so I don’t see the point in putting myself through this.”


“…the worst for me are the hot flashes…I have a very physical job and I can’t be flashing 15 times a shift, it takes the wind out of your sails.”

For a deeper dive into what it’s like to get hot flashes at work … and what to do about them … click here to go to our blog post.

Now you.

Do you turn red at the drop of a hat? Do you get hot and sweaty, but no red face?

What’s your worst ‘hot flash’ nightmare? What did you look and feel like.



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