Tell Us About Your Menopause Journey

Yes, we mean it.  Tell us about your menopause journey.  Menopause can be a lonely struggle at times and you know that they say … misery loves company.

In fact, we say, the more sharing, the merrier.  If you want another cliche, then try this one … “a problem shared is a problem halved”.  And it’s true, you know.

Sharing what’s happening in your life with other women can be very cathartic.  Especially as menopause takes hold and its dastardly symptoms do funny things to our self-esteem, our body shape and our sex drive.

Because of that, we’d really appreciate it if you shared the things that have helped or are helping you deal with the impact of menopause on your life and the ones you love.

And we’d love it if you joined our community.  We’ll be sending you updates on blogs, ideas, research & sisterhood.

Remember.  You don’t have to do menopause alone.  So tell us about your menopause journey and help a sister.

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