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Hello…. it’s Sharon here.

 When I sat down to write this “About” page I suddenly became boring (like my life used to be). I figured I had to write something sophisticated and smart and edgy so that people would read it.  

But I reckon people like you will read this because you want to know ‘WHAT-THE-HECK-IS-GOING-ON-WITH-ME’ and maybe, just maybe the answer you’re hoping for will be here on this little page.

So what the heck is The Menopause Effect about then?

We’re Glad You Asked …

This site is for the women (and the people who love/hate them… yes, teenagers we’re on to you) who feel lifeless, uninspired, fat, burnt-out, bored, broken, befuddled, restless, crazy, teary, uncertain, frustrated and really can’t stand one more minute feeling like this.

It’s our mission to:

  • Help you explore and evaluate the ideas, notions, options and ridiculousness that is Menopause in all its soulless-sweaty-exhausting-headachey-cry-baby-caramel-centered-rage-filled-self.
  • Help you understand that it’s okay that all you can think about is: holy-sweet-mother-of-mercy-how-did-my-life-turn-into-this-trainwreck-pass-the-chardonnay
  • Give you an introduction to the sisterhood that is menopause
Menopause Symptoms Can Really Suck

When my partner in crime (**no actual crimes were committed by either of us), Trudy and I, first began this journey we really had no idea about the huge significance that menopause had on ourselves or on other women.  To say that the changes were monumental seems like a disservice.

The fact is, for a lot of us, menopause is HARD. It’s hard and overwhelming and confusing and HOT (very, very hot). But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You get to come here to this little corner of the internet and find a bunch of women just like you.

And after speaking with countless women and reading all of our research we named our work: The Menopause Effect simply because the effects menopause will have on your life are…. Life-changing.

“Life-Changing” Can Be Good Or Bad … Or Both

What we know is that you can still become whoever you want to. You can still reinvent yourself entirely.  You can become the woman who says “get out of my way, I’m about to change the rules”.

And you can become 100% more you for the rest of your life.

We weren’t supposed to:

  • Walk away from our careers
  • Start our own entrepreneurial endeavours
  • Move to the Gold Coast (Sharon only)
  • Learn completely new skills (Trudy)
  • Take up running
  • Work for FREE volunteering
  • Lose a lot of self esteem and get screwed over by a man (Sharon again)
  • Become a digital entrepreneur and start house & pet sitting full-time (yep… Sharon)
  • Make decisions that were ‘SELF’ centred and not ‘EVERYONE ELSE’ centred
  • Support women around the world
  • Dig into what is really going on for women who aren’t 21 anymore
  • Recognise that most of us have more to do in one afternoon than the entire population of Tasmania

But we did.

And then we thought how the hell can we make a change?  How can we embrace this hot & sweaty mess that is 2015 to 2019 (and still counting)?

We Needed A Way To Spread The Word …

We needed you to show up with ideas to help other women like us. And we needed to become the women we actually LIKE BEING.

Plus we needed to do that now ‘cause we were sick of saying nothing and helping no one.

So here we are!

The Menopause Effect is about radically reinventing ourselves and the sisterhood of women the world over that are going through, about to go through or have actually survived ‘THE CHANGE’.

The Menopause Effect is about choosing YOU.

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