Go From Menopause Mayhem To Menopause Zen

Have you been trying to manage your menopause symptoms?  And nothing’s working?

This page is dedicated to resources we’ve found … both on and off the internet … that we think might help you get to “Menopause Zen”.

Of course, it would be great if you were able to get rid of all your hot flashes and other menopause symptoms, but in order to get to Menopause Zen, first you’re going to have to learn how to live with your symptoms. 

Then, you have to figure out how to take back control of who you are becoming as you enter this new phase in life.

So here are some resources we’ve found that may help you through this lovely! time of massive change.

Best Books On Menopause

This is one of the best books on menopause that we have read.  It explains what is going on in clear, simple language.  And it has a very different perspective on menopause and its place in a woman’s life.  Rather than seeing seeing women going through menopause as “broken” it celebrates this amazing, life-changing process and challenges us to embrace it and take back control.

Christiane Northrup, M.D. is one of the leading authorities on menopause.  She has devoted her time to helping people (women especially) have great health.  Her book, “The Wisdom Of Menopause” is now in its 4th Edition and the knowledge it contains, just keeps on giving.

This book was recommended by a friend who is trying to help his wife navigate the ups and downs of menopause.  He realised he couldn’t do that unless he actually understood what was going on.  The impact of menopause on the men and partners in our lives, doesn’t get talked about very much … but it should be.  Definitely check this book out.

Podcasts On Menopause

Check out the “Hit Play Not Pause” podcast by Live Feisty – https://livefeisty.com/category/podcasts/hit-play-not-pause/ 

The “Sexy Aging” podcast with host Tracy Minnoch-Nuku provides insights from some of the world’s inspirational women on how to successfully navigate the changes to your body and mind.  This includes managing the transition through menopause.


Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. has been an active leader in the women’s health space for a number of years.  She has a lot to say about menopause and her book (see the book section above) has helped thousands of women understand and navigate what can be one of the most turbulent times in a woman’s life.

Her website is well worth checking out.

Managing menopause - older woman in yellow top decorating a christmas tree

Red Hot Mamas


This website is a goldmine of information about menopause.  What we like is that the content tends to be research-based.  So you’re getting more of the facts about menopause as they come to light … and less of the guesses.

Plus we love the play on words — red hot mamas … hot flashes … get it?

managing menopause - home page for redhotmamas.org


Menopause Symptoms Work

If you’re struggling with joint or muscle pain, this article from Dr. Jen Gunter may help.

Muscle and Joint Pain in Menopause

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