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If your menopause symptoms are driving you crazy … and you feel like crying all the time, here are a few bits of “menopause” humour that might just give your day a lift.

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Biological Clock

The Marsh family (father, mother, 4 kids) are very musical and started making videos during the COVID lockdowns as a way to stop themselves from going crazy.

They take well-known songs and tweak the words, usually in a way that has us falling over laughing.

This particular video from the Marsh family  is one of the most entertaining we’ve seen on the subject of menopause in a long time.


Cartoon of sweating panda holding a fan with 3 polar bears in suits in the background

By Shirley Șerban

Shirley performs parody songs on many topics.  But her parody on menopause with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the funniest we have seen.  Enjoy! 


4 images of Shirley Serban wearing wigs

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